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If you are experiencing personal difficulties or want to make better sense of yourself and your life, you may find counselling helpful.

For example, it can help with relationship problems, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, managing anger, bereavement, dealing with illness, relieving stress and understanding underlying reasons for confusing patterns of behaviour, thought and feelings. Counselling can help you to explore any confusion or choices you face, expand your possibilities and discover your priorities, drive and sense of purpose.

Counselling offers a confidential, consistent and supportive time and place to explore, clarify and better understand the difficulties, concerns or questions you have, and to seek your own ways to deal with them.

Other information resources:

If you want to know more about counselling and psychotherapy or how to choose a therapist, here are some links to reliable and authoritative information and advice:

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Email: Phone: 07904 554 149.